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The science behind the benefits of an all-boys education

Why all boys?

Why do boys struggle in traditional classrooms? Male and female brains develop in different ways, and co-ed education often caters to the strengths of the female brain. Same-gender education allows boys to learn and grow in an environment tailored to their strengths.

Graph: learning difficulties in boys


Male Brain

Female Brain

Information Processing

Males use up to seven times more localized brain activity, so they often don't multi-task or transition as well as girls.

Connecting Matter

Females use up to ten times more connecting matter, helping them excel at multi-tasking and connecting words to feelings.


Differences in the flow of serotonin and oxytocin mean that boys are often more naturally impulsive than girls.


The hippocampus is larger in females, resulting in better memory, especially in areas connected to words.

Spatial & Mechanical

Males tend to do better with pictures and kinesthetic learning.


Females process words on both sides of the brain, giving girls earlier language and emotive skills.


How does all-boys education help?

Our teachers stay up-to-date on the research about boys education and apply that information in their classrooms every day.

Boys can pursue a wide range of interests and activities without worrying about social pressure. Students who attend an all-boys school are more than twice as likely to pursue studies in art, music, and foreign language.

Boys are more likely to engage in classroom discussion when surrounded by a group of male peers.

Boys who attend all-boys schools are more likely to forge lasting friendships with their peers, which may continue throughout their lives.

All-boys education at Christ School

Since 1900, Christ School has been committed to fostering the growth of boys – academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our unique setting, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and near the rich cultural hub of Asheville, NC, is an ideal place for boys to develop their innate sense of courage and adventure, while honing their intellect and creativity. Our faculty, coaches, and dorm parents – the majority of whom live on campus – serve as positive role models, dedicated to bringing out each boy's full potential.

At Christ School, the classroom environment is geared toward the male learning style, setting students up for academic success. Students also have the freedom to pursue activities and interests without to social pressures that can occur in co-ed schools. Our boys grow to be dependable, tolerant, and confident men who are not afraid to fail and never shy away from challenges. They learn to have faith in themselves and the utmost consideration for the needs of others.

Insights and observations on raising and educating boys

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