Alumni FAQ

The questions and topics addressed below are intended to help alumni. We also have a Current Parent FAQ page and we will create an Admission FAQ page shortly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a transcript?

Please contact Steve Stay, Registrar, in the Academic Office, at (828) 684-6232 Ext. 102, or


What does my Christ School Fund gift really do?

Your gift to the school really makes all the difference. No matter what size contribution you are able to make, your participation sends the message that you believe in the mission of Christ School. The higher the participation, the stronger the message that those closest to the school value the experience they had and want available to other boys.

The Christ School Fund helps to offset the budget, by covering the the 15% that the operating budget cannot. This year, it is essential to raise more than $1,250,000 through the Christ School Fund. Without the Christ School Fund, the school can only operate at 85%. Each gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in reaching that goal. Please give today.

How do I update my address information?

Enter your new information on the Update Information page on the website.

How do I submit a Class Note?

There are two places where you can add a Class Note:

1) Enter your new information on the Update/Share Information page on the website.

2) Please email Eric Thorp at

Class Notes are often printed in the Christ School magazine, unless you indicate otherwise.

How do I find information about a classmate?

Enter your username and password to log on to the Alumni Portal. You can choose “Alumni Directory” in the navigation bar, and search by variables such as last name or class year.

If you need help, please email Eric Thorp at

How can I get more involved with Christ School?

There are a lot of ways to be involved with your school. Call Eric Thorp, Associate Director of External Affairs, at (828) 684-6232 Ext. 128 to talk about your interests. You can also email Eric at

What is the policy for privacy and confidentiality on the Christ School website?

The Christ School website has areas available to the public and password-protected areas. To protect Greenies’ privacy, all alumni must log on to access the alumni directory, Class Notes, alumni discussion boards, the Alumni Council President’s blog, digital scans of the Angelus yearbooks, and their individual profiles.

The school's Digital Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

Who do I contact with website questions?

For questions about your access or alumni information, please email Eric Thorp at

For general questions about the website, please contact the communications team.